Using radio  marketing, any successful alcohol and drug addiction treatment center can use its brand name to attract new clients each week.

Radio marketing for rehab centers creates a real pinnacle of advertising for the recovery industry. Never before in the history of humanity has advertising been such a primary source for vital medical services. It is not word-of-mouth, location or referrals from the family doctor that generates a majority of new rehab center admissions. Plain and simple it is advertising identifies and sources these new clients. 
Paid rehab center advertising drives new clients and fills beds.

It is almost an ugly sounding industry description when the act of saving lives gets broken down into cost per admission. However, anyone on the outside looking in must never lose sight of the fact that rehab centers and addiction treatment save lives. The work performed at these institutions saves families. The 14,000 or more addiction treatment facilities across America that are successfully treating new clients each month are saving lives and making our world a better place. These businesses are in a unique position to help a significant number of individuals conquer addiction. It is advertising that connects those suffering from drug and alcohol problems with the treatment facility.

Unfortunately, even the best rehab center in the world can’t help anyone if the business does not attract those seeking treatment. Appealing to individuals or families through radio  advertising is an ethical, cost effective method of building a modern addiction treatment business. 

To create the connection from those addicted individuals to a rehab center, Alternative Solutions Media harnesses the power of  radio advertising.

ASM radio advertising for rehab centers is national 60-second radio air time in the top ranked cities across America. The content includes 60-second radio advertisements discussing recovery and targeting those people seeking treatment for substance abuse. The ads can be live between the hours of 8 am – 8 pm in any time zone. 
ASM radio advertising offers 60-second radio ads and branding campaigns . All regional campaigns or national spots are also available in top U.S. markets. Each campaign will vary, however,  Call for availability in the city of your choice and current pricing.

To begin generating new clients as early as next week, call Howard Needle, a specialist in rehab center advertising. 561-281-2020

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