Raw Calls as Pay-Per-Click Ads for Recovery Facilities

Raw Calls

A raw call lead is an active person seeking information on recovery and addiction treatment. That person on the line could be someone seeking immediate admittance into recovery. The caller could also be a family member seeking information for a loved one.

There is a chance that the caller, who is responding to the direct response TV advertisement, could become a new customer for that facility. Alternative Solutions Media offers raw calls at fixed prices. No third party ever “pre-screens” the call or resells that valuable information to another facility. The caller’s information remains private, and the type of funds available for treatment could come from any source such as private insurance or cash payments.

Television delivers some of the most promising direct response advertising in any media. The unique features of a television ad that instantly enters millions of American homes create this powerful raw call lead. The pay-per-call campaigns through Alternative Solutions Media are stable business building investments. Raw calls are one of the most modern advertising expenditures that any facility can fund. An institution receiving these leads can set the time of day for incoming calls and the states across the nation from which the calls originate.

By purchasing fixed price leads, the facility administration can set the budget for a pay-per-call campaign in advance. The fixed price of each call multiplied by the number of pre-scheduled incoming live calls determines the campaign budget far in advance of the admissions department receiving the first ring.

Raw calls allow any facility, with an advertising budget, to participate in national direct response TV advertising. These pay-per-call campaigns are the building blocks of busy recovery facilities and a direct bridge to recovery for those suffering from addiction.

The president of Alternative Solutions Media, Mr. Howard Needle, will be happy to discuss your facilities needs and help you determine marketing budget that makes sense.

How Do Raw Pay-Per-Call Leads Work?

  1. The facility decides what times and days the admissions department would like to receive calls.
  2. The management budgets out exactly how much they would like to spend, and that figure determines the number of calls that will arrive at the facility.
  3. As the week moves on, the live calls begin coming directly into the facility’s admission department.
  4. The staff has as much time on the phone as needed to qualify each potential client for insurance and their recovery needs.
  5. All callers are the property of the facility and not resold to any other business.
  6. A new pay-per-call campaign can be up and running for your service 3-5 days from now.

The raw pay-per-call program through Alternative Solutions Media is a fixed price, and the establishment knows the exact cost before entering the campaign. All incoming calls are live, directly to the facility. No one connects or qualifies any callers before that person in need, speaks directly to the facility admissions department. Once that incoming call is received and the connection created, no one else speaks to the caller and that lead remains the property of the facility. It’s critical to know that when your business purchases a lead from Alternative Solutions Media, all callers are brand new and “raw.” The incoming facility staff members are the only persons marketing to that caller.

As calls are being connected, our experienced personnel can also be listening live if your facility requests it. Additional, closing techniques and training can also be a part of this call supervision.

This process of directly sending live raw callers to a facility admissions department is a very effective and cost-efficient direct response television advertising program. Call us today and learn how you can begin receiving live raw calls at your facility’s admission desk as early as next week.


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