Recovery from Addiction – Help for Those Who Need it the most

The team at Alternative Solutions Media is working hard to improve the substance abuse treatment industry in America. By January 2016, ASM will be offering a new educational video series entitled The Starter Kit to Recovery at Home.

This 10 hour DVD series, which will be available to the public, features medical professionals and addiction treatment experts delivering critical information on recovery.

For people seeking help with sobriety, the video offers insight and techniques that can launch an in-home recovery process for anyone or any family. The 10-hours of programming uncovers some of the root causes of addiction and offers proven solutions now being used treating addiction across America. Information on the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, only previously available to those with insurance, will soon be accessible to all at an affordable price.

This video series can be the start on a road to recovery for millions of individuals unable to afford a lengthy stay at a private addiction treatment facility.

Those previously unable to attend inpatient addiction treatment will now be taught many of the tools used by professional in those same rehab centers. The video series delivers help to those without private insurance.

Through years of involvement in the addiction treatment and recovery field, members of the team at Alternative Solutions Media have been striving to create a useful and affordable solution for the families at highest risk for substance abuse and addiction.

The Starter Kit to Recovery will attempt to fill some of the empty spaces generated by the high medical costs of addiction treatment in America.

No longer will this life-saving information on addiction remain hidden from millions of people previously excluded from private insurance. No longer will a person’s family circumstances, financial situation or employment status keep them from starting a journey of recovery from addiction.

The 10-hours of addiction treatment know-how and expertise contained in this video series may be the only recovery help many people can afford and will receive. The educational material endeavors to create a stable platform that will allow anyone to understand the disease better disease. The advice and instruction contained in the 10-hour series many be a vital link to recovery for millions of families across America.

This video series can be a helpful recovery tool for anyone seeking advice on recovery. The DVD series will soon be available online. No private insurance is needed, and no Medicare or Medicaid forms are required. Those seeking help for addiction will soon have the start to a practical in-home recovery option.

Even if a person has no insurance, it is possible to receive advice from medical professionals and addiction treatment experts in their home.

For more information, please call Howard Needle at 561-281-2020.

If you represent a treatment center or another business in this industry and would like to offer this DVD package to your clientele, we have developed a program that pays you to sell the package through the Internet. Any rehab center or addiction treatment business can now offer help to the many suffering from addiction without private insurance and earn a commission on each sale. Stop turning people away because of their financial status. Help others and receive compensation for your work.

This DVD series and the others that will follow is not an alternative to professional inpatient treatment. This information is an additional option for those with no insurance or access to expensive treatment programs.

Life is precious. Start living today.

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