Rehab Center Marketing and Addiction Treatment Lead Generation

Addiction treatment companies and rehab centers in America are very competitive. On top of this aggressive profit-driven marketplace, most rehab centers are also operating on a very tight budget. Throughout this atmosphere, treatment center operators need to remember several important factors when engaged in rehab center marketing.

#1 Take the time to explore which marketing tools will be effective for their facility. Not every company will succeed using pay-per-click. If a rehab center is on a tight budget, PPC advertising can quickly eat away those resources. Radio advertising and direct response TV advertising are two methods of reaching new clients that have proven cost effective for rehab centers. Many rehab centers find direct response pay-per-call TV ads work well. Because the facility can limit the amount of money, it budgets and spends each month, this type of advertising can be cost effective and successful.

#2 Every audience is unique. It is vital for any addiction treatment facility to target the correct audience. Knowing the correct audience and how to reach them will deliver qualified addiction treatment leads. Radio advertising can be a very targeted method of appealing to new clients. Radio stations and markets are already divided into demographic segments. This listener information can help determine what cities and stations will produce the good return on investment and new clients that will power your rehab center’s bottom line.

#3 Be attentive to each inquiry and always try to be a comfort to individuals seeking treatment and their families. During a person’s life when they are reaching out for help in treating a drug or alcohol problem, the world can seem like a very hectic place. It is important to remember that addiction treatment lead generation is a marketing term that describes helping others through advertising. Not everyone that inquires will be able to afford treatment, and many will not have the private insurance needed to qualify for admittance. For each person admitted to a private drug rehab facility, there are likely ten or more persons that need treatment but are turned away because of the high cost. Those not financially qualified should be referred to other treatment options and services that can recommend qualified prevention, treatment, and recovery.

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Always remember not marketing a treatment center will have a negative effect on your business. Call us to learn how pay-per-call TV and national radio advertising can help your company grow.


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