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Drug Rehab Center Marketing

Having pay-per-click visitors or call-ins from direct response advertisements are two of the most popular methods rehab centers use to generate new clients.

Pay-per-click leads and direct response TV ads are the marketing lifeblood of the recovery industry. The process of converting those incoming leads into new customers, at the point of sale, is the weak link in the equation. Since an inpatient stay at any rehab facility carries a high cost, the receiving admission department staff needs to qualify each potential customer for the sale before converting them into a new paying client.

Experienced telemarketers understand this process. These highly skilled sales people enter the office each day with one goal in mind, converting incoming sales leads into customers. For an experienced telemarketer, the ratio of incoming leads that are converted into paying customers will be high. However, the admissions departments of rehab centers are not usually packed with teams of accomplished telemarketers and sales professionals.

If your facility is paying larger than life weekly lump sums to Google AdWords, and you still have empty beds, it may be time for a change.

Better incoming leads

Google AdWords and other pay-per-click online services are an excellent way to generate leads. However, nothing beats television advertising. For decades, leads generated from direct response pay-per-call TV advertising has been an extremely useful tool for reaching new prospects.

Sales training for the admissions department

Rehab center admissions departments are not usually staffed by experienced Telemarketers. It may be time for your staff to receive some expert sales training on how to convert those incoming leads into new clients. Persons answering the phone need to understand what to ask potential new clients, how to respond to questions, and when to close the sale. To the inexperienced sales person, all these topics may seem trivial. However, for a seasoned professional sales marketer completing a sale is like poetry or sex. During the conversation, there is a push and pull between the buyer and seller that takes place on that phone line. It is vital for a rehab center, desiring long term success and a high ROI, commit to sales training for their staff.

Alternative Solutions Media offers direct response pay-per-call TV advertising leads along with sales training for in-house rehab center admissions department in America. The CEO of Alternative Solutions, Howard Needle, will fly to your facility and spend time training your admissions department and clearly identify where you may be losing potential sales.

Sales training coupled with better quality TV leads can translate into a higher census. Admissions departments that qualify and close a higher ratio of incoming leads will also have a lower cost per new client.

If new admissions to your rehab facility seem stuck in the slow lane, please give us a call, and Howard Needle can discuss improving your facility’s sales.


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