The Top 3 Rehab Center Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

Alternative Solutions Media builds national advertising campaigns for rehab centers and addiction treatment facilities. These are the marketing tools that help create brand names and bring in new clients.

  • Pay-Per-Call National TV Ads
  • National 60-second Radio Ads
  • National 30-second TV Advertising

These advertisements are available in three categories.┬áRaw Calls are live incoming calls from national television ads featuring a toll-free number that is routed to the facility’s admissions desk. 30-second buffer calls are also live incoming calls just like the raw calls. However, with a buffer call, the receiver has time to qualify the caller for admission to the facility. If the call ends before the 30-second buffer, there is no charge for that lead. The 3-minute buffer call is identical to the previous 30-second buffer call except the receiver has a full 3 minutes of time to talk before being charged for the incoming live call. Can your rehab center staff determine a caller’s eligibility in three minutes on the phone?

ASM offers national 60-second radio air time in the top ranked cities across America. These are one-minute radio advertisements that talk about recovery, targeting people seeking treatment for substance abuse. The ads are between 8 am – 8 pm in any time zone. Campaigns begin at $12,500.

ASM also offers 30-second television ads and branding campaigns that run every week for 26 weeks in top New England cities. Each drive varies but on average this marketing produced around 4,000 30-second TV spots. We cater to rehab centers.

To take advantage of these or any other advertising products we offer, please call Howard Needle at


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