Turn Incoming Cold Calls into a New Rehab Center Clients

What could your facility do with 1,500 qualified persons seeking treatment?

Talk show radio can generate waves of new rehab center clients for your recovery business. In major American media markets, your company’s brand name can turn cold calls into new paying clients. Matching your rehab center with new call-in customers that are suffering from addiction and creates a “win-win” solution. Radio advertising can serve your rehab center.

Alternative Solutions Media offers a 13-week commitment for an educational talk radio show program in the American media market of your choice. Large national media markets, such as Boston, Phoenix, Los Angeles have primary listening audiences that are now available for your radio marketing. The seasoned executives at Alternative Solutions have decades of experience participating in national radio and are now offering that same program to your rehab facility.

ASM can help your center create a 30 or 60-minute educational rehab center radio program in a talk show format. That radio segment will air each week for 13 weeks in any large American market generating new call-in clients. Rehab radio appeals to listeners seeking information about recovery, substance abuse, and today’s modern addiction treatments. The program will also be supported by commercial spots that run during the weekdays. Throughout this pre-recorded question and answer talk show, your direct toll-free phone number will be given out to listeners.

Considered to be the country’s number one recovery radio talk show personality, Indian Bob will host your show. Bob will ask your representative pre-determined questions about rehab center’s treatment and benefits. Through radio, Bob has become a popular leader in the recovery industry and has helped many people understand and conquer addiction. The 13-weeks of on-air radio will feature your 30 or 60-minute pre-recorded talk show with Indian Bob.

During this time, you will be answering questions about your facility’s features and disclosing the methods of payment accepted by your rehab center. If required, the issues and solutions discussed throughout the show can openly reveal that your center does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. If your client’s primary funding needs to be from private insurance or cash pay, then discuss what companies and types of insurance may work for those clients. These kinds of radio talk show call-in leads are some of the most qualified call-in customers in the business. During your show, the audience will become familiar with both your rehab center and your accepted methods of payment.

What could your facility do with 1500 new call-in leads?

Alternative Solutions Media also offers fixed price pay-per-call TV leads. The most popular type of call-in leads that are offered through ASM are 30-second buffer calls. These 30-second national TV call-in leads provide your admissions desk up to 29 seconds to qualify the caller for access to your facility.

If given 30 seconds, could your admissions staff qualify an incoming call? If the caller is not financially suitable for your program, and the call is terminated within that first 30 seconds, there is no charge for that call-in lead. Turn these cold calls into qualified clients within 30 seconds or do not pay anything for the lead. For information on how to get started, please call us.


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