Rehab Center Marketing and Training of Admissions Department Staff

Rehab Center Marketing

The rehab center marketing toolkit.

#1 Pay-Per-Call live leads
#2 Training of admissions staff to successfully interact with call-in leads
#3 National TV and radio branding campaign

Does your rehab facility have empty beds on a regular basis?

Your business needs some rehab center marketing help. Live incoming call leads are a very efficient tool for attracting new customers. This form of marketing has been proven successful for many years.

When those incoming leads are coupled with a national 30-minute Q & A radio interview, a rehab center marketing toolkit can cause a favorable effect on your facility’s bottom line. This package will help to highlight the positive value a service provides customers and not just which products are being offered by the rehab facility.

Pay-per-call leads are available in three varieties.

  • Raw call
  • 30-second buffer calls
  • 60-second buffer calls

These types of lead calls arrives at your facility live with no pre-qualifying or screening. The buffer calls offer an opening 30 or 60-second window for admissions staff to sort out the financial details with potential clients before being charged for the call.

Raw calls are incoming prospects that have just picked up the phone responding to a TV advertisement. All pay-per-click call in leads are being prominently used by national recovery facilities.

However, for the largest possible benefit of marketing with pay-per-click calls, the facility’s admission’s staff needs to understand how interact with incoming callers. There is a real formula for successfully communicating with recovery callers. An admissions staff without that skill will be losing many potential sales. Lost sales translate into empty beds and lost revenues.

Alternative Solutions Media offers all of these rehab center marketing tools. Executives with Alternative Solutions Media have over 25 years of hands-on experience in the media industry. We generate hundreds of pay-per-click calls each week for clients, and our experienced staff will visit facilities and train admissions department, staff. This training is invaluable for the long-term success of your business.

Brand your facility business with national radio advertising. Build your facility through national direct response pay-per-call leads. Train your staff to close better and qualify incoming lead calls. Collectively, these are known as the Rehab center marketing toolkit.
Call us today and let’s discuss utilizing our tools to fill your empty beds.


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