Rehab Center Marketing by Howard Needle

A Specialist in Rehab Center Advertising

Howard Needle is the president and CEO of Alternative Solutions Media LLC operating from Miami Beach, Florida. Howard applies his unique media experience and skills, creating national radio and TV advertising for rehab center clients.

Howard Needle is an expert at building national addiction treatment advertising campaigns. He acquired his rich media experience during more than two decades of national television and radio advertising in the financial industry.

Howard is passionate about connecting people seeking treatment for his rehab center clients. He tells associates that his mission will always be to provide media access for individuals seeking a path to recovery.

Alternative Solutions Media coordinates national radio and TV advertising campaigns for rehab centers and addiction treatment facilities. Each week the company’s marketing campaigns generate thousands of live call-in leads and help build rehab center brands.

ASM frames national rehab center branding campaigns using 30-second regional TV advertising. Each of these marketing campaigns delivers 3,000 to 5,000 ad spots over a 26 week period.


Raw Calls

Raw Calls are live incoming callers responding to direct response TV advertising. A toll-free number appears in the TV ad, and that caller speaks directly to the rehab center’s admissions desk.

These leads are economical for both large and small facilities. When purchasing raw calls, the service selects the maximum number of calls to receive each day. The admissions department can also choose the time of day to accept incoming calls and the particular days of the week. It is possible to build a pay-per-call lead program around a facility staff’s work schedule.

The recovery facility has access to the location of the caller, time and caller ID. Getting started on a new pay-per-call campaign, requires just three to five days. Call Howard Needle for all the details.


30-Second Buffer Calls – Rehab Center Marketing

A second category of TV advertising that employs pay-per-calls is the 30-second buffer call. This group of leads offers a raw call with an advantage. The buffer call provides the facility with the first 30 seconds of each call for qualifying the prospective client. If the admission department staff determines that the caller meets the facility’s financial requirements, the call continues past 30 seconds, and the rehab center is charged for that lead. If the admissions department quickly determines that the caller does not meet their financial or insurance qualifications and the call ends during the first 30 seconds, and there is no charge for that lead.

How many call-in leads can your admissions department handle each day?

Customers can choose how many incoming calls a facility can handle along with the days and times the admissions desk would like to receive calls. Howard Needle has decades of national media buying experience. Customers recognize his experienced staff as a team that delivers consistent, high-quality results. Alternative Solutions is a national radio and television marketing company. The organization’s mission is to place the rehab center marketing in front of individuals suffering from addiction. The accomplishment of this goal means ASM clients are happy, and those seeking recovery from drugs or alcohol can receive proper treatment.

Howard Needle Experience

From November 1993 to October 2001, Howard was the senior account executive with American Futures Group, which operated out of New York City. The firm was headquartered in New York City’s world trade center. During this period, Howard owned and operated the number 1 performing branch office, of this highly regulated business. This office was in Boca Raton, Florida. His position required the daily management of media buys and the creation of national media campaigns for the firm’s extensive network of brokers and traders. The company’s constant demand for fresh advertising leads required Howard’s talent in negotiating national media contracts and his experience in monitoring program costs.

During this time with American Futures Group, he was able to expand the firm’s ad platform and build a national network of talented associates in both large and small U.S. media markets. These years of successful radio and television marketing experience molded his successful business practices that are today being utilized through ASM.


Alternative Solutions Media specializes in radio and TV lead generation for addiction treatment facilities. National radio marketing is available in the top ranked radio markets across the U.S. Campaigns are delivered through 60-second TV spots. A radio ad package includes 350-400 of the one minute ads for an approximate cost of $15,000.

Radio ads from Alternative Solutions Media can target any modern American media market. The 60-second radio ad is a pre-recorded segment created to attract listeners that are seeking information on drug addiction treatment, substance abuse, and recovery.

Targeting recovery radio ads at various listener demographic groups are easy because radio stations already distributed programs according to the listener format. From country listeners to news stations, the program format pre-qualifies each group of listeners. Howard Needle can create a national or regional rehab center radio campaign targeting specific consumers or regions of the country. Radio advertising through Alternative Solutions Media can deliver any facility hundreds of weekly rehab center leads. ASM’s national 60-second radio air time is available in the top ranked cities across America.


Howard works through networks of TV stations suitable for creating or expanding a rehab center’s brand name. The ASM operation includes the pre-recorded radio ads, the scheduled daily air times and the promotion to guarantee your facility hundreds of incoming callers each week.

Rehab Center TV Branding

Howard’s twenty-six week TV ad spots offer a complete set of high-end platforms helpful for branding your rehab center. These campaigns are priced to suit even the smallest facility’s budget. Through this marketing, a rehab center can build a brand name while receiving new admissions each month. Depending on the city, facility clients can receive 3,000 to 5,000 TV spots over 26 weeks. ASM also offers 30-second television ads airing in top New England cities. These TV marketing campaigns vary but on average this marketing produces around 4,000 30-second TV spots over 26 weeks. Howard Needle caters to rehab centers by creating media that produces significant regional saturation and many new admissions.

In the field of addiction treatment marketing, Alternative Solutions Media is recognized for delivering high-quality advertising campaigns that fill beds, innovative marketing, and dedication to serving customers. ASM’s rehab center marketing campaigns allow individuals and family members to connect with treatment professionals only moments after hearing the advertisement for addiction treatment. Howard Needle believes in the power of people working together for increased access to recovery services. Each week, he carries a message of healing and recovery into millions of peoples’ lives. Clients of Alternative Solutions Media recognize the marketing firm as a place to accomplish their rehab center media goals. Along with Mr. Needle, the talented staff of ASM will work hard to meet the requirements of your rehab center’s marketing goals.

To take advantage of these or any other of ASM’s advertising campaigns, please call Howard Needle


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