Rehab Center Marketing That Saves You Money

At Alternative Solutions Media, our professionals are ready to build a rehab center marketing campaign around your company’s advertising needs. Our addiction treatment customers range in size from less than $5,000 per campaign to over $100,000 a campaign.

With decades of media buying experience, we can focus on any popular U.S. city of your choice. We create regional programs that can bring in new clients, and build a stronger brand name for your business.

Regional radio programs air each week and campaigns run for 26-weeks saturating the airwaves with your rehab center’s name and contact information. Radio advertising can lead to enhanced brand awareness and immediate direct response from potential new rehab clients. Alternative Solutions Media caters to healthcare customers and addiction treatment centers. Seven days a week, our expert marketing staff is placing advertising on behalf of treatment center customers.

If you have not engaged in radio or TV advertising because you thought it was too expensive, please give us a call and let our executives show you how rehab center marketing, even on a smaller budget, can increase your census. We can have your ads running on television and radio within five days.

Howard Needle can show you how to attract new patients to your alcohol and drug addiction treatment center. Could you use a dozen new admissions this month? Give us a call and we’ll show you how the 30-second buffer call can save you money and bring in new customers.

Rehab centers are in the business of helping people get well. Like any other business addiction, treatment companies require new paying clients. We understand that to market your rehab center, we must build trust with our audience and always present ethical marketing practices. Our ads help build positive reputations for facilities, and customers trust that when they call the toll-free number, your service will provide outstanding treatment options.

Alternative Solutions Media can refine the image of your facility and help you create a powerful brand that will set you apart from the competition. In the Addiction Treatment business, strong branding is critical for success.

Let our experience guide your success. Call Howard Needle for a consultation.


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