Rehab Center Marketing Through Alternative Solutions Media

rehab center marketing
Alternative Solutions is a media company specializing in rehab center advertising. Our firm offers different levels of marketing calls that help to maximize our clients’ marketing dollars.
We realize that direct response TV advertising is a serious business and that the competition is fierce across the national market. Our skillfully implemented programs garner quality pay-per-call leads for your rehab center marketing program. Our clients get results. We are very proud that our platform assists facilities to reach their goals of helping others.
Alternative Solutions Media is fine-tuned to generate client leads, every day of the week. We enjoy helping recovery clients accomplish their census goals each month.
Alternative Solutions Media offers corporate branding services that will develop video and radio marketing that will expertly represent your treatment facility. Our experts will generate the video and work with you to create a 30-minute question and answer style radio program that details your facility’s qualities and features. All of our firm’s efforts can be directed towards connecting new clients to your admissions desk.

Alternative Solutions delivers national pay-per-call TV advertising campaigns to recovery facility customers in all 50 states. Facility customers may choose to receive calls from the entire nation or select individual states. This treatment center advertising includes raw calls and 30-second buffer calls. The buffer calls allow you time to qualify the potential new client before being charged for that call-in lead. Customers dictate the scheduled days and hours for incoming admissions department calls. Choose how many incoming calls your facility can handle and when your admissions department would like to accept the incoming calls.

The professionals at Alternative Solutions will work with you accommodating your facility’s needs. Customers recognize our experienced staff as an organization that delivers consistent, high-quality results.

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