Rehab Center Marketing: Is Your Facility Doing Enough?

New rehab center clients are the reason most of us can get a paycheck each week. It’s an awful thing to say that one’s income depends on the sickness of others. However, doctors and surgeons don’t view their role in such negative terms, and neither should rehab centers. Breaking the cycle of addiction in families and creating a pathway towards a sober more purposeful life is a positive, fulfilling career. Helping others while engaging in rehab center marketing should be a celebrated mission in life.

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Rehab center marketing, through Alternative Solutions Media in Miami Beach, generates national marketing campaigns for both large and small facilities. Each day across America, these radio and TV advertisements reach into millions of homes, businesses, and vehicles. Direct response TV ads generate thousands of call-in leads and hundreds of new recovery clients each day. Rehab center marketing puts new customers in empty recovery facility beds every month. Marketing is a part of the process by which addicted persons regain their lives. For a rehab center, marketing is an investment in the future.

Advertising and marketing can sometimes feel like the “deep end of the pool.” It’s important to ensure that a facility is doing enough marketing to gain ground and maximize opportunities. National marketing will gain positive exposure for the outfit’s brand name and create a domestic market presence.

Two roadblocks can form in a facility’s marketing plan and slow the business’s forward motion. These two items to work around, when plotting an ad campaign include the following.

A marketing plan should emphasize a program’s benefits and not merely the facility or service.┬áIt is vital that the advantages of the rehab center program have been widely discussed and promoted. For example, highlighting the nine-hole golf course nearby is not the same as detailing the challenges of the learning game or the useful exercise and team activities that are present when “golfing with friends.” An exercise room full of equipment is not a benefit. Healthy minds and recovering bodies that are shown healing while exercising are the real advantages that should be highlighted through marketing. Avoid the image of an empty room full of machines. Picture a room full of healing clients that are gaining the benefits of exercise while in the care of a trusted recovery facility. Rehab center marketing should demonstrate value for customers and shy away from merely identifying products and services. Anyone can create an extensive list of services and treatments. It is the job of marketing to show clients the long-term benefits of recovery services.

The second significant issue of those marketing a rehab center is ignoring the competition. How can an advertiser know what is working without surveying his competition. All marketing companies, especially in today’s digital world, must get out and identify their advertising competition. Identifying and mirroring the top Internet competition should help propel that business’s online ranking. There are few secrets in the digital world. Learning “who” the competition is and “how” they got to be number one should be a top priority for any rehab center marketing program. Carefully following the competition and detailing activities that help those companies get to be on top, should help launch any company’s online business.

The executives at Alternative Solutions Media have decades of national radio and direct response TV advertising experience. One of the jewels in this company’s crown is the 60-second national radio ad. This ad can air in any major American market. These ads generate immediate callers wanting information on admission to a rehab center. This exceptional marketing carries a very low cost and is available for both small facilities and larger ones.
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