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Welcome to Alternative Solutions Media, advertising for companies in the rehab and addiction treatment industry. We specialize in creating national advertising and awareness programs for recovery facilities. If your rehab center needs a quality connection to those seeking recovery, we can help.

There are several levels of participation available for both large and small recovery facilities. Our programs can accommodate large and small budgets. A pay-per-call campaign allows even those centers on a limited budget to receive live call-in leads directly from national TV advertising campaigns. Our team can set up a campaign for your business with as little as 100 calls. Your facility admissions desk determines the time and day of the incoming leads. We can also filter out any individual states that you do not want to include in your advertising campaign.

Our professionals air 30 and 60-second targeted TV ads in large and small media markets across the country. The incoming call leads are sold to your center as either raw calls or 30-second buffer calls. The buffer calls provide your admission staff with up to 29 seconds to qualify the incoming caller before being charged for the lead. If the call is terminated before 30-seconds, there is no charge for the lead. Call us today and we can have a national TV advertising campaign up and running for you in 3-5 days.

Alternative Solutions Media also offers national radio exposure through a 13-week program targeting major American cities. This program includes a professionally produced 30 or 60-minute radio question and answers show on all aspects of recovery treatment. During this segment, a representative from your facility will respond to questions on the treatment options and recovery programs. Once complete, the radio advertisement will be aired for 13 weeks in popular American media markets of your choosing. Additionally, the major radio station in that market will air ten 30-second promos for the show each week. All incoming calls from this program are direct to your facility’s admission desk and the toll-free number of your choosing. Your number is broadcast direct to the listeners and they are calling you live from the ad. This radio advertising program from Alternative Solutions Media is an exceptional opportunity for national radio marketing call in leads and the promotion of your recovery facility.

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