Rehab Center Pay-Per-Call Advertising

Rehab Center Pay-Per-Call Advertising – Pay Per Call Addiction Marketing

How many call-in leads can your admission department handle each day? Start accepting incoming calls just days from now!

New rehab center pay-per-call advertising campaigns can begin within one day after our firm receives payment..

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Raw Calls

Raw calls are not pre-screened or filtered!

All calls go directly to your admissions department. All calls are directly transferred for you!

  • Lowest cost incoming lead calls.
  • Setup time is 24 hours or less from signing up.

30-Second Buffer

  • Setup time is 24 hours or less less from sign-up.
  • The facility has 30 seconds to qualify the caller financially.
  • If the admission department staff determines that the person meets the facility’s financial requirements, the call continues past 30 seconds, and there is a charge for that lead.
  • If the admissions department quickly determines that the caller does not meet their financial or insurance qualifications and the call ends before 30 seconds, there is no charge for that lead. The call was free.

Through this rehab center pay-per-call advertising, clients are able to monitor and track all incoming calls through the location of the caller, time and caller ID. The 30-second buffers allow facilities to micromanage their supervisors and admissions counselors.

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