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Alternative Solutions Media was originally an advertising entity providing, successfully we might add, direct television and radio commercials advertising facilities abilities to help addicts overcoming their disease! Yes you need an effective commercial . Then you need efficient placement of these commercials in the market(s) of your choice. The closing ratio is multifold more efficient than the leads many of you are currently purchasing. But these commercials are designed to generate calls from the addict and or their love ones. Instant filling of beds! For the same current expenditure you will actually fill, ultimately, more beds than what you are now experiencing!!! And you will be in compliance with whatever legislation has been passed. By dealing with us there will be no guess work, no mysteries, just using the most experienced advertising company in the field. We have an expert team that creates effective and efficient commercials. We have a media director who has vast experience with local, regional, and national television and radio, thus ensuring you of the best rates in the country!  . ASM offers several national radio and TV marketing opportunities. Call 561-281-2020 for all details for your successful campaigns with us.


Bruce Halkin
Mr. Halkin has been an owner of his own advertising agency for over 20 years. During that time, as the media director he has booked over $12 million yearly virtually year after year. He specializes in radio and television placement both local and national placement.
Prior to owning his own agency he was a radio and television salesman as well as sales manager with national ties.
He utilizes all these experiences to get his client’s the best value since he has worked with a multitude of sales managers of all the major networks as well as national advertising on both Dish Network and Directv.
There are very few media directors with the expertise and connections that Mr. Halkin has.
This experience he utilizes whenever he places adverting for his clients.

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  1. Would like to know more about your rates for buffered calls.

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