60 Second Buffer Calls

60 Second Buffer

  • The facility has a full 60 seconds to qualify and accept the caller.
  • If the admissions department stays on past 60 seconds, there is a fee for that lead call.
  • If the call ends before the 60-second buffer, no cost is incurred for that lead call

The recovery facility is also able to listen and track all incoming calls through the location of the caller, time and caller ID. The 30 and 60-second buffers allow facilities to micromanage their supervisors and admissions counselors.

Our national TV advertising will funnel high-quality raw calls directly into your facility’s admissions office. Incoming raw calls ensure that callers seeking help for their drug and alcohol addictions receive an instant connection to your recovery service. The leads, generated from direct response television advertising, can make a difference for your business. This program only requires a 3-5 day set up time. To learn more, please call our team at (561) 281-2020.

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