The Success of Rehab Center Radio Advertising

Rehab center advertising over the radio has a measured and managed response that clients can optimize.

Let Alternative Solutions Media help your facility to create a welcoming 30 or 60-minute welcoming talk show style radio advertisement. The show will air each week in a large American media market of your choice. There is no slowing of momentum when reaching out to national radio advertising. Each week, qualified leads will call your admission desk through the number offered during the show.

Let Howard Needle manage the media buys in advance of your advertisement. This focused marketing will optimize the potential of your radio advertising campaign and deliver results. Indications are this show will pull in 100-200 qualified callers each week it airs for 13 weeks. The radio branding approach to recovery is a well worn and successful direct response approach for rehab centers.

Those calling into a 30 or 60-minute radio program are more knowledgeable and qualified people than those reaching out through other forms of media. During the radio program, your representative will have time to discuss payment methods, insurance, and admissions. From this discussion, listeners gain an understanding of your rehab center’s admissions process that helps them determine qualifications before calling.

Alternative Solutions provides a top talk show host for the question and answers. Indian Bob will deliver questions and comments as he has been doing for years on Recovery Radio Live, which airs in markets across the United States.

Throughout the show, the program offers phone numbers, URLs and even promotional codes in a call-to-action format. After each show airs, you will be able to tally up how many callers connected and the approximate cost per lead.

This type of direct response radio advertising has proven to be an effective media of advertising for addiction treatment and recovery. Your facility can receive a steady stream of callers each week and begin the admissions process for clients as soon as the first week of air time.

For the past four years, Alternative Solutions Media has been airing national TV pay-per-call ads for recovery facilities. That kind of live call-in leads is also very successful at generating new clients for rehab centers. If the national radio is not in your budget, our raw calls or 30-second buffer calls can help increase your census and build your facility’s business. This call is very reasonably priced and highly effective. A pay-per-call campaign can begin quickly and only requires three to five days for the setup.

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