Rehab Center Radio Advertising

Radio marketing is an affordable and efficient advertising media. Alternative Solutions Media offers a 13-week radio branding program that delivers your rehab center’s message of recovery to media markets across the United States. Your facility can choose which large or small markets and American cities that will air the program.

The 13-week marketing plan consists of a 30 or 60-minute professionally recorded radio program and daily promotional spots for your show. After signing up with Alternative Solutions Media, we help create a dynamic script using questions and answers that will fully promote your institution to a wide radio audience. Throughout the question and answer discussion, you have time to talk about the benefits of your facility. This content may include addiction treatments, qualified personnel, activities, counseling and anything else that would help guide listeners into recovery at your rehab center. Your rehab center’s direct toll-free number will be given out over the airwaves several times throughout the program. Those callers will be connected directly with your admissions staff.

A weekly radio program does more than just create call-in leads. Weekly radio can help to build your rehab center’s brand name in those targeted cities and markets.

When coupled with frequent weekly exposure, nothing can top the impact of a well-written, motivational, radio ad for recovery.

Radio advertising for rehab centers can help your business generate more new clients, fill empty beds and create a lower cost per new lead. Most importantly, radio time will bring information on recovery directly to those who need it most and deliver your phone number in the process. Callers will often tell the rehab center when calling in, “I just heard the radio show, and I’m calling for some help.”

Popular radio markets include Dallas, Houston, Boston tri-state area, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City or Phoenix. These and other heavily populated markets are now available but don’t delay because there is limited availability in some major cities.

Alternative Solutions’ professionals have researched national media markets and identified some of the largest AM and FM talk radio stations. When you need to select the most attractive markets to air your program, we will pass that information on to you and show you what has worked for past clients.

Your program will air every weekend, Saturday or Sunday, for 13 weeks to the largest radio talk show audiences that we can book in that selected market.

During the week, the radio station will air promos for your show each day building your brand and your audience.

Our staff will assist you in this area of production. However, the cost to produce the show will be covered by your company. Since production expenses are low, you also have the option to create several shows and alternate between programs during the 13 week period.

Every week, your rehab center’s recorded show will air at the same time to a broad audience offering listeners your facility’s toll-free number. Those new clients will be calling directly to your admissions desk. The calls are not monitored, and the numbers are not recorded.

Throughout the recorded program, your representative will have the time to disclose clearly to listeners the financial terms of your recovery facility. Understanding the methods of payment prior to calling in helps filter out those listeners unable or unwilling to meet your requirements. These listeners have time to consider all payment options before calling into the facility.

We consider these type of radio call-in leads, that arrive directly to your admission desk, to be one of the most financially qualified lead available for rehab centers.
Call us and let me show you more of the advantages of our 13-week radio branding programs.

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