Rehab Centers: Gaining the Radio Advertising Advantage

Alternative Solutions Media is offering 60-second rehab center national radio advertising. This radio time is rehab center marketing at its finest! Starting next week, 60-second national radio spots will be airing in primary American markets from Monday through Friday during 8:00 am to 8:00 pm coast to coast.

ASM is offering quality 60-second national radio spots, exclusively created for rehab centers, with an average CPM of $3.00 or below (CPM cost to reach 1000 people.)

Here is an example of an approximately $15,000 media buy executed on behalf of a rehab center client of ASM. This campaign included a total of 462 one-minute generic spots prominently featuring how to seek treatment for substance abuse, in top-ranked American cities. A radio advertising program like this one can generate calls directly into your facility’s admissions desk each and every day.

Our clients always have the option to choose their favorite populated media cities or regions. We also encourage all clients to refer those callers without private insurance to the SAMSHA National Helpline.

There are an estimated 51 Million radio listeners across America that can be reached through rehab center radio marketing. Our radio ads draw a good amount of new customers, and Alternative Solutions offers one of the lowest CPM of any recovery marketing business. We built this business with integrity by delivering quality advertising for a very low cost per admission.

We are now buying radio time nationally for rehab center clients. These are high rated cities on the east coast, west coast and everywhere in between.

We serve our clients by keeping all marketing costs low and within the rehab center’s monthly budget. Lower prices and quality radio advertising are what make our marketing efforts successful and our clients happy.

This national 60-second radio advertising was created specifically for rehab center marketing. Call us today and get started. 561-281-2020.

Call us today and get started.


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