Rehab Centers Should Call Alternative Solutions Media

Rehab Center Advertising

Do you operate a rehab center with options such as detox services, outpatient or residential services, sober living or long-term recovery from addiction?

If so, then you need to give Alternative Solutions a call now and hear how we can widen your exposure through national TV advertising. Getting your facility’s name out to a nationwide audience can open doors for those clients seeking addiction treatment and recovery.

Why does direct response TV advertising work for the recovery industry?

Imagine if you went to a crowded shopping mall and set up a table in the middle of the mall. Over the table was a banner with your rehab center’s logo and a large sign reading, “Drug Addiction Treatment.” Those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction may not flock to the banner and in the middle of a public crowded mall openly declare their dependence. If you are suffering from addiction or a family member is suffering, the issue is a private matter. Discussion of this kind does not take place in the middle of a crowded mall where neighbors and friends often see each other.

Now, imagine that you can go into the privacy of a stranger’s home and explain addiction treatment options in their living room. Personal questions and answers will move back and forth during the conversation without any interference or exposure to neighbors and friends. This kind of lead generation is direct response TV advertising.

At Alternative Solutions Media, we use very effective TV commercials designed to pull in those TV viewers, and allow them to interact on the topic of addiction from the comfort of their home. Each day, TV ads on recovery are viewed in millions of homes across America and these messages reach millions of people. Many are seeking treatment for themselves, and many are calling for help with a family member. In fact during the last decade just about every major industry in America has used Direct Response Television ads.

When your admissions desk receives a live call-in lead from Alternative Solutions that person is connecting from the security and comfort of their lifestyle. Whether they call from the living room or the office, your firm is making a direct connection with someone seeking addiction treatment. The call is only sold to you and never reuse or recycled. All lead prices are fixed. Your budget is clear, and there are no changes from up or down bidding.

Give us a call at Alternative Solutions and let us explain how your rehab center can benefit from direct response TV advertising. We can show you how to turn advertising into one of your facility’s strongest assets. We also can train your staff to increase the conversion rate and earn a better ROI.

Please, give us a call.


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