Results Driven Direct Response Advertising for Rehab & Recovery Facilities

Direct Response TV Advertising

The mission of Alternative Solutions Media is to create successful, results-driven marketing for our rehab facility clients.

Our team often refers to direct response media as “accountable advertising.” In this style of marketing, customers are asked to respond immediately to the ad and call the facility using a toll-free number. By tracking those incoming callers, at the end of the day, the success of each campaign becomes very clear.

Direct response advertising has some unique reporting features. As potential clients phone into the admissions department, the trackable results will show how many callers become customers. This tracking can illustrate¬†the facility’s ROI. Trackable information also includes the customer’s location, type of insurance, and the amount of time spent on the call.

direct response advertising and brandingThe lead generation process used by Alternative Solutions Media has achieved positive results for client campaigns each year since our firm began operations in 2011. It is direct response advertising over TV, including 30-second and 60-second buffer calls, that has been driving our firm’s success. However, pay-per-call campaigns are only part of the equation. Our company’s media specialist can also help build an institution’s brand through both radio and TV marketing. A rehab facility’s brand is the positive face of the institution recognized by the public.¬†Building that brand, instead of promoting a specific product or service, is a long-term goal that every administrator should incorporate into their rehab facility’s marketing goals.

The executives at ASM, such as Howard Needle, have decades of brand marketing experience. Howard can illustrate, for clients and potential clients, how to cohesively incorporate a branding campaign into their long-term TV and radio marketing strategy.

When an ASM client facility needs to move beyond the dynamic lead generation success of pay-per-call campaigns and fortify their brand, ASM has the experience and knowledge to produce measurable results. The wide scope of a branding campaign, which includes TV and radio advertising, can achieve long-term positive exposure for rehab facilities.

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