A Specialist in Rehab Center Advertising

A Specialist in Rehab Center Advertising

Howard Needle is the president and CEO of Alternative Solutions Media LLC operating from Miami Beach, Florida. Howard applies his unique media experience and skills, creating national radio and TV advertising for rehab center clients.

Howard Needle is an expert at building national addiction treatment advertising campaigns. He acquired his rich media experience during more than two decades of national television and radio advertising in the financial industry.

Howard is passionate about connecting people seeking treatment for his rehab center clients. He tells associates that his mission will always be to provide media access for individuals seeking a path to recovery.

Alternative Solutions Media coordinates national radio and TV advertising campaigns for rehab centers and addiction treatment facilities. Each week the company’s marketing campaigns generate thousands of live call-in leads and help build rehab center brands.

ASM frames national rehab center branding campaigns using 30-second regional TV advertising. Each of these marketing campaigns delivers 3,000 to 5,000 ad spots over a 26 week period.