Marketing of Substance Abuse Treatment

During national TV advertising for substance abuse treatment facilities, we care about helping all of those people calling in for recovery information. If an individual or their family member reaches out from a national television advertisement, it is our desire to make information on substance abuse treatment available to them regardless of their financial situation.

We ensure that people with private insurance and financial resources quickly connect with client’s valuable substance abuse and addiction treatment facilities. However, because of the long-term economic effects of substance abuse and drug or alcohol addiction, some callers are without insurance or financial resources. All of these people seeking information on recovery should receive a level of assistance based on their needs, not their finances. It is our goal to help them find a path to recovery.

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The marketing of substance abuse treatment and recovery services for those addicted to drugs promotes a positive message about recovery. That message helps build a facility’s brand name and identifies the core mission of this field. Alternative Solutions Media would like to help your business craft that positive public image with our 13-week national radio program, now available for any US substance abuse and addiction treatment center.

Radio is a consumer’s companion and the advertising force your customers take with them wherever they go. Radio is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to substance abuse treatment facilities. The 13-week radio facility branding campaign reaches listeners:

  • In their homes & cars
  • During work and recreation
  • Before, during and after dinner
  • Mornings, afternoons and evening

Radio delivers with an intimacy not found in other forms of marketing. A 30 or 60-minute educational radio marketing program can cut away other forms of advertising that may interrupt a potential client during those first minutes of contact. Radio provides identity and intimacy because there are no other competing advertisements aired during this 30 or 60-minute program. Unlike print advertising or online ads, there are no other ads appearing during the national message from your facility.

Radio works, and Alternative Solutions Media can make it work for your facility. Choose your primary media market in any US city and your new radio show will air each week for just over three months straight. Deliver a message of hope and recovery to all listeners.

Please call us for more information on this radio advertising program and other economical marketing tools for substance abuse treatment marketing.

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