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Alternative Solutions Media Is Powered by Integrity

Alternative Solutions Media

There are bad apples in any business or industry. Welcome to American capitalism. After all, it was earlier this year when the Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots were accused of deflating their game balls, to gain an advantage over the

Direct Response Television Advertising

direct response television advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is a full-service marketing firm working strictly with private alcohol and substance abuse facilities in America. Mr. Howard Needle is the president of this advertising company. Howard’s personal experiences of recovery, during the past eight years, have

TV Advertising – More Bang for Your Buck

TV advertising

National TV advertising continues to be a practical choice for rehab facilities. Alternative Solutions Media offers pay-per-call TV advertising that can generate quality call-in leads for rehab facilities seven days a week. Each new campaign may increase a facility’s census

Confidential Confessions, Part 2

Addiction Recovery Treatment

Admitting that drugs and alcohol control your life, can be a type of confession. If a person is suffering from addiction, an admission or confession is a statement that should be made aloud, to one’s self and possibly loved ones.¬†However,

2015 Remission Rates Provide Better Outcome Measures for Substance Use Disorder Treatments


2015 Remission Rates Provide Better Outcome Measures for Substance Use Disorder Treatments

National TV Advertising for Recovery Facilities

direct response tv advertising

Since I started Alternative Solutions Media in 2011, I have learned much about this developing industry. Today, I continue to expand my knowledge of marketing for rehab facilities and tools that can be used when reaching out to those in

Addiction Awareness Campaigns

TV advertising

I have been on LinkedIn for about 4 years and I read great posts about facility’s across the country discussing their treatment programs, guidelines, rules, laws etc. but in my opinion the person seeking treatment is not on LinkedIn. We

Seeking Treatment

addiction treatment facilities

Alternative Solutions Media is always looking for quality facilities around the country to partner with and provide quality care to people struggling with addiction. Call us and let’s discuss how we can work together to fight addiction and help those

Heroin Overdose; Awareness needed nationwide via TV

addiction treatment

Heroin Overdose Deaths According to a police report released in June, there has been a significant increase in Delray Beach heroin overdose death rates over the past few months. In 2015, there have been a reported 26 heroin overdoses with