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Good Addiction Treatment Centers Need Exceptional Marketing

TV Advertising and Marketing

Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media by Howard Needle The posts I see here and on other social media sites from addiction treatment centers never cease to amaze me. All the talk about

TV Branding Brings Tons Of Clients To Treatment Centers

Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media by Howard Needle In light of the recent advertising restrictions imposed by Google, State of Florida and others, astute addiction treatment facility owners are rediscovering the power

TV Branding Campaigns Convert 10% or Better?

Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media by Howard Needle It just seems to me that all too often treatment center owners invest their capital disproportionately in their facility and program at the expense

Recovering from Substance Abuse and Addiction in Your Home

Substance Abuse and Addiction If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please seek help. Life is precious, and you deserve to start living today. Helping a loved one overcome an addiction can

Rehab Center Marketing and Addiction Treatment Lead Generation

Addiction treatment companies and rehab centers in America are very competitive. On top of this aggressive profit-driven marketplace, most rehab centers are also operating on a very tight budget. Throughout this atmosphere, treatment center operators need to remember several important

Marketing a Rehab Center: How to Gain New Clients

“The recovery business is all about insured clients and making money.”┬áNo, it’s not. The rehab center business is all about caring for people. Don’t forget the life-saving outcomes that drug and alcohol recovery provide those in treatment. Don’t forget about

New One Minute National Radio Advertising Spots for Rehab Centers

Alternative Solutions Media is proud to announce a brand new national radio advertising spot created specifically for rehab center marketing. We now have available 60-second pre-recorded ads for any rehab center nationwide. You have your choice of favorite national city

Rehab Center Advertising; Helping Those in Need

With that voice from the past always whispering in our ear, guiding individuals and their families to addiction treatment have been our mission at Alternative Solutions Media. Through radio and television advertising, our goal is to connect your rehab center

Turn Incoming Cold Calls into a New Rehab Center Clients

What could your facility do with 1,500 qualified persons seeking treatment? Talk show radio can generate waves of new rehab center clients for your recovery business. In major American media markets, your company’s brand name can turn cold calls into

Rehab Centers Should Call Alternative Solutions Media

Rehab Center Advertising

Do you operate a rehab center with options such as detox services, outpatient or residential services, sober living or long-term recovery from addiction? If so, then you need to give Alternative Solutions a call now and hear how we can