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Direct Response TV Advertising. Accountable Marketing

Direct Response TV Advertising

“Trust us, we are experts” is a line we have all heard coming from marketing or advertising companies. However, the business of direct response advertising does not need to be powered by trust. Direct response TV advertising is accountable media.

Rehab Center Marketing Through Alternative Solutions Media

rehab center marketing

Alternative Solutions is a media company specializing in rehab center advertising. Our firm offers different levels of marketing calls that help to maximize our clients’ marketing dollars. We realize that direct response TV advertising is a serious business and that

Our Marketing Mission is to Help People

Decades ago in the late 1980’s and 1990’s, I was sometimes referred to as the “boiler room” king. I ran a hugely successful commodity trading firm with many brokers and telephones packed into one large luxury office space. I worked

Call Training for Rehab Center Admissions Staff

Rehab Center Call Training

Rehab center marketing is one of the most important tasks for any addiction treatment center. Marketing may begin with obtaining leads and prospects then continue through day one of a client’s inpatient recovery. This process if also one of the

Recovery Facility Marketing Success

Recovery Facility Marketing

The key to any successful commercial enterprise begins with marketing. The business of operating a recovery facility is no different. While professional addiction treatment centers should always be focused on providing top quality treatment programs and qualified care for their

Addiction Recovery Leads – The Best Pay-Per-Call Programs

Direct Response Marketing

Television advertising through Alternative Solutions Media reaches millions of people each day. This direct response TV advertising generates unique addiction recovery leads for treatment centers, rehabs, and detox programs. Using these direct response TV ads, a facility’s expectations for return

How to Better Utilize Your Rehab Center Marketing

direct response TV advertising and branding

Alternative Solutions Media provides corporate branding and advertising services for recovery facilities across America. However, national advertising and direct response TV marketing is only half of a successful media campaign. Effectively servicing the incoming live call-in leads can help to

Alternative Solutions Media Is Powered by Integrity

Alternative Solutions Media

There are bad apples in any business or industry. Welcome to American capitalism. After all, it was earlier this year when the Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots were accused of deflating their game balls, to gain an advantage over the

Alternative Solutions Media Celebrates Four Years of Business Success

Alternative Solutions Lead Generation

Alternative Solutions A note from the president of Alternative Solutions Media, Mr. Howard Needle. National advertising and media buying is a serious competitive business in America. Success in today’s digital advertising world requires market experience. The past 25 years, throughout my

Additional Facility Promotion, Advertising & Marketing

TV Advertising and Marketing

Team up with Alternative Solutions Media and receive additional publicity and media exposure for your facility. Occasionally, we partner with top addiction treatment services and media agencies. Many pay-per-call advertising campaigns with our firm even include outside promotional services. Our