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Effective Drug Rehab Marketing Through TV Advertising

Drug Rehab Marketing Even the best medical facilities in the world need marketing. New customers in the healthcare industry come and go like the ebb and flow of the tides. As more private addiction treatment facilities enter the marketplace, the

The Launch of Alternative Solutions Media’s New Recovery DVD & Video Series

Each year in America more than twenty million people that urgently need help for drug abuse or alcohol addiction are unable to afford proper treatment. According to the 2013 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) National Survey on

Rehab Center Leads From National Radio Advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is in the business of drug rehab marketing. Using national radio and television advertising each month, client’s can generate a consistent supply of rehab center leads. Radio has always proven to be a powerful medium that directly

The Success of Rehab Center Radio Advertising

Rehab center advertising over the radio has a measured and managed response that clients can optimize. Let Alternative Solutions Media help your facility to create a welcoming 30 or 60-minute welcoming talk show style radio advertisement. The show will air

Rehab Center Advertising; Helping Those in Need

With that voice from the past always whispering in our ear, guiding individuals and their families to addiction treatment have been our mission at Alternative Solutions Media. Through radio and television advertising, our goal is to connect your rehab center

Flakka Use Expanding From Florida to Other States


Flakka, the synthetic drug that has hit Florida hard, has been spreading to states including Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio, The Wall Street Journal reports. People using the drug suffer bouts of extreme paranoia. Flakka, also known as gravel, is highly

Alternative Solutions Media Is Powered by Integrity

Alternative Solutions Media

There are bad apples in any business or industry. Welcome to American capitalism. After all, it was earlier this year when the Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots were accused of deflating their game balls, to gain an advantage over the

Cities Across U.S. See Rise in Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses

synthetic marijuana

Officials in cities across the United States are reporting a rise in overdoses related to synthetic marijuana, CNN reports. Police chiefs meeting in Washington this week said they need field tests to help them quickly determine whether suspects have taken

Substance Abuse Awareness

Direct Response Television

With all the new statistics on opiate abuse and flakka the new drug on the street . Treatment facility’s must make awareness via national TV campaigns. Our firm offers awareness nationwide on a pay per call basis. Calls come direct

National TV Advertising for Recovery Facilities

direct response tv advertising

Since I started Alternative Solutions Media in 2011, I have learned much about this developing industry. Today, I continue to expand my knowledge of marketing for rehab facilities and tools that can be used when reaching out to those in