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Effective Drug Rehab Marketing Through TV Advertising

Drug Rehab Marketing Even the best medical facilities in the world need marketing. New customers in the healthcare industry come and go like the ebb and flow of the tides. As more private addiction treatment facilities enter the marketplace, the

The Top 3 Rehab Center Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

Alternative Solutions Media builds national advertising campaigns for rehab centers and addiction treatment facilities. These are the marketing tools that help create brand names and bring in new clients. Pay-Per-Call National TV Ads National 60-second Radio Ads National 30-second TV

Direct Response Television Advertising

direct response television advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is a full-service marketing firm working strictly with private alcohol and substance abuse facilities in America. Mr. Howard Needle is the president of this advertising company. Howard’s personal experiences of recovery, during the past eight years, have

National TV Awareness Campaigns

Recovery treatment advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is providing online advertisements to several facilities that participate in our national pay-per-call awareness TV campaigns. Clients can choose from raw calls, 30-second buffered calls and even a 60-second buffered call. This program is available in all

Awareness Campaigns Needed on National TV

Recovery Center

The drug epidemic in the United States continues to take its toll. About 75 percent of new heroin users first became hooked on prescription opiates, before turning to heroin. All facilities must make awareness. Our firm has national Pay Per

Substance Abuse Awareness

Direct Response Television

With all the new statistics on opiate abuse and flakka the new drug on the street . Treatment facility’s must make awareness via national TV campaigns. Our firm offers awareness nationwide on a pay per call basis. Calls come direct

Seeking Treatment

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In today’s world , a lot of people do not have insurance to seek treatment for substance abuse or financially suitable to meet treatment facility’s requirements. On the other hand many do have insurance or financial assistance. Alternative Solutions Media

National TV Advertising for Recovery Facilities

direct response tv advertising

Since I started Alternative Solutions Media in 2011, I have learned much about this developing industry. Today, I continue to expand my knowledge of marketing for rehab facilities and tools that can be used when reaching out to those in

Seeking Treatment

addiction treatment facilities

Alternative Solutions Media is always looking for quality facilities around the country to partner with and provide quality care to people struggling with addiction. Call us and let’s discuss how we can work together to fight addiction and help those