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Poverty and Addiction

The most recent government data collected in 2014 showed that 46.7 million Americans (15 percent of the U.S. population) were living in poverty, including 15.5 million (21 percent) children under the age of 18. That figure represents more than 46

Marketing of Substance Abuse Treatment

During national TV advertising for substance abuse treatment facilities, we care about helping all of those people calling in for recovery information. If an individual or their family member reaches out from a national television advertisement, it is our desire

Addiction Recovery Leads – The Best Pay-Per-Call Programs

Direct Response Marketing

Television advertising through Alternative Solutions Media reaches millions of people each day. This direct response TV advertising generates unique addiction recovery leads for treatment centers, rehabs, and detox programs. Using these direct response TV ads, a facility’s expectations for return

Direct Response Television Advertising

direct response television advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is a full-service marketing firm working strictly with private alcohol and substance abuse facilities in America. Mr. Howard Needle is the president of this advertising company. Howard’s personal experiences of recovery, during the past eight years, have

How recovery facilities can create national awareness campaigns.

direct TV advertising

Why do you think Passages Malibu spends so much money on TV advertising? This successful facility understands that direct TV advertising works exceptionally well for recovery treatment centers. Direct television advertising is an efficient method for Passages Malibu to gain

National TV Awareness Campaigns

Recovery treatment advertising

Alternative Solutions Media is providing online advertisements to several facilities that participate in our national pay-per-call awareness TV campaigns. Clients can choose from raw calls, 30-second buffered calls and even a 60-second buffered call. This program is available in all

Addiction Treatment Options

Alternative Solutions Media

I believe no addict chooses to become addicted, but with your strong and urgent appeal, the addict can and will choose to get clean. Please contact our firm to allow us to e mail the national spots that airs thru