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Recovery from Addiction – Help for Those Who Need it the most

The team at Alternative Solutions Media is working hard to improve the substance abuse treatment industry in America. By January 2016, ASM will be offering a new educational video series entitled The Starter Kit to Recovery at Home. This 10

Rehab Centers Should Call Alternative Solutions Media

Rehab Center Advertising

Do you operate a rehab center with options such as detox services, outpatient or residential services, sober living or long-term recovery from addiction? If so, then you need to give Alternative Solutions a call now and hear how we can

Marijuana Industry Using Technology to Improve Growing, Selling and Delivering


Marijuana businesses are increasingly using technology to grow, test, sell and deliver their product, according to CBS News. “As things have come above board and more financing has become available and companies become less threatened that they would be put

Flakka Use Expanding From Florida to Other States


Flakka, the synthetic drug that has hit Florida hard, has been spreading to states including Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio, The Wall Street Journal reports. People using the drug suffer bouts of extreme paranoia. Flakka, also known as gravel, is highly

Connecting to those seeking treatment through direct response TV advertising

direct response TV advertising

In American today, the most commonly used drug is alcohol. Whether it’s called booze, spirits, wine or beer it represents America’s number one drug problem. For many individuals and family members, alcohol abuse takes over all aspects of their life.

Seeking Treatment

addiction treatment facilities

Alternative Solutions Media is always looking for quality facilities around the country to partner with and provide quality care to people struggling with addiction. Call us and let’s discuss how we can work together to fight addiction and help those

National awareness TV campaign

lead generation

Taking that first step to rid your life of drugs and alcohol requires a giant leap of faith. The life that you’ve come to know is about to change dramatically. And while those changes require patience and some discomfort, any