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Poverty and Addiction

The most recent government data collected in 2014 showed that 46.7 million Americans (15 percent of the U.S. population) were living in poverty, including 15.5 million (21 percent) children under the age of 18. That figure represents more than 46

Highly Effective Rehab Center Advertising

The advertising business can be complicated and expensive. For this reason, it is important to find a marketing company with experience and industry savvy. Here are some tips for helping your addiction treatment facility to engage in highly effective rehab

When did we stop caring?

I read an article today on LinkedIn posted by Charles Davis. It is entitled, “Addiction & Behavioral Health Rehab Recovery Treatment Marketing.” If you don’t know Charles, you should, he is a fabulously successful marketing person in the recovery industry.

Your Rehab Center Brand

A company’s “brand” comes from two places. Part one is the business reputation in the industry; community and information found online. Part two is corporate advertising and marketing. Any corporate image can be build through advertising but the “brand name”

Addiction Treatment Center Lead Generation

Alternative Solutions Lead Generation

Does your facility need to connect better with those in need of treatment? Alternative Solutions Media provides treatment center lead generation that helps recovery facilities fill their beds. Direct response national TV and radio advertising, from Alternative Solutions, connects people

Call Training for Rehab Center Admissions Staff

Rehab Center Call Training

Rehab center marketing is one of the most important tasks for any addiction treatment center. Marketing may begin with obtaining leads and prospects then continue through day one of a client’s inpatient recovery. This process if also one of the

Rehab Center Marketing and Training of Admissions Department Staff

Rehab Center Marketing

The rehab center marketing toolkit. #1 Pay-Per-Call live leads #2 Training of admissions staff to successfully interact with call-in leads #3 National TV and radio branding campaign Does your rehab facility have empty beds on a regular basis? Your business

Raw Calls as Pay-Per-Click Ads for Recovery Facilities

Raw Calls

A raw call lead is an active person seeking information on recovery and addiction treatment. That person on the line could be someone seeking immediate admittance into recovery. The caller could also be a family member seeking information for a

Alternative Solutions Media Celebrates Four Years of Business Success

Alternative Solutions Lead Generation

Alternative Solutions A note from the president of Alternative Solutions Media, Mr. Howard Needle. National advertising and media buying is a serious competitive business in America. Success in today’s digital advertising world requires market experience. The past 25 years, throughout my

The Digital Journey to Recovery from Google/Compete

Digital Journey to Recovery

The Digital Journey to Recovery by Howard Needle Source: http://bit.ly/1KV7NIF