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I’ll Trust TV and Radio Ads over Pay-Per-Click Online Bot Fraud Any Day

Every hour, malicious “Botnet” controllers around the world engage in massive ad fraud campaigns by hijacking everyday consumers’ identities and home computers. According to the Association of National Advertisers, online advertisers are throwing their money away. The ANA says, “Advertisers

The Benefits of National Radio Advertising

At Alternative Solutions, we believe that no one chooses to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that overtakes many of us, here in the United States. However, this condition, whether it is prescription pills, illicit drugs

New One Minute National Radio Advertising Spots for Rehab Centers

Alternative Solutions Media is proud to announce a brand new national radio advertising spot created specifically for rehab center marketing. We now have available 60-second pre-recorded ads for any rehab center nationwide. You have your choice of favorite national city

Does Your Rehab Center Need TV or National Radio Advertising?

Try Our National Radio Advertising Welcome to Alternative Solutions Media, advertising for companies in the rehab and addiction treatment industry. We specialize in creating national advertising and awareness programs for recovery facilities. If your rehab center needs a quality connection