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Recovery from Addiction – Help for Those Who Need it the most

The team at Alternative Solutions Media is working hard to improve the substance abuse treatment industry in America. By January 2016, ASM will be offering a new educational video series entitled The Starter Kit to Recovery at Home. This 10

The Wonderful World of Addiction Treatment

When I was a very young child, my top career choices were Fireman, Policeman, and Doctor. I wanted to help people. My young mind continuously flashed scenes of grown-up me running into a burning building and saving family members from

Cities Across U.S. See Rise in Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses

synthetic marijuana

Officials in cities across the United States are reporting a rise in overdoses related to synthetic marijuana, CNN reports. Police chiefs meeting in Washington this week said they need field tests to help them quickly determine whether suspects have taken

Connecting to those seeking treatment through direct response TV advertising

direct response TV advertising

In American today, the most commonly used drug is alcohol. Whether it’s called booze, spirits, wine or beer it represents America’s number one drug problem. For many individuals and family members, alcohol abuse takes over all aspects of their life.

National awareness TV campaign

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Taking that first step to rid your life of drugs and alcohol requires a giant leap of faith. The life that you’ve come to know is about to change dramatically. And while those changes require patience and some discomfort, any

Awareness NEEDED via TV , Opiate Epidemic

direct response television advertising

So there is this very entrepreneurial network of Mexican heroin traffickers, the Xalisco Boys, pushing their product North, up and along the West Coast. All the while Big Pharma’s pain pill campaign is making a mess out of the East.

National TV Awareness Campaigns

direct response TV advertising

Addiction is an insidious, hidden public health crisis, directly impacting over 45 million Americans. In truth, everyone knows someone who is or was affected by addiction. Yet, unlike every other major health issue in America, there is no comprehensive national