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Access to a Rehab Center for those Living in Poverty

For individuals with a business career and excellent private health insurance the monthlong stay at the private drug rehab center is fully covered by insurance. Those families with good coverage, money to spend, and the time to attend treatment have

The Benefits of National Radio Advertising

At Alternative Solutions, we believe that no one chooses to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that overtakes many of us, here in the United States. However, this condition, whether it is prescription pills, illicit drugs

Raw Calls as Pay-Per-Click Ads for Recovery Facilities

Raw Calls

A raw call lead is an active person seeking information on recovery and addiction treatment. That person on the line could be someone seeking immediate admittance into recovery. The caller could also be a family member seeking information for a

National TV Awareness Campaigns

direct response TV advertising

Addiction is an insidious, hidden public health crisis, directly impacting over 45 million Americans. In truth, everyone knows someone who is or was affected by addiction. Yet, unlike every other major health issue in America, there is no comprehensive national

A Closer Look At Palm Partners Recovery Facility

Palm Partners Article Palm Partners Recovery Facility