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Do You Remember Rehab? My Time in Addiction Treatment by Howard Needle

Years ago, after one too many mistakes in life, I found myself in a 30-day rehab center called Spectrum Programs Inc., which is an adult residential service in Pompano Beach, FL. This facility is a state funded alcohol treatment program

Rehab Centers and Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing is a targeted and specific type of advertising or selling. In this kind of ad, consumers are delivered a call-to-action and asked to complete a task such as dialing a toll-free number or filling out a response

The Benefits of National Radio Advertising

At Alternative Solutions, we believe that no one chooses to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that overtakes many of us, here in the United States. However, this condition, whether it is prescription pills, illicit drugs

Radio Advertising Works, Get the Fact!

Full Radio Fact Sheet

Building Your Rehab Center Brand

Industry thought leaders are not created within their community through flashy consumer ads every 30 minutes. While consumer ads are often highly effective in most markets, connecting with new recovery clients often requires thought leadership and a strong brand name.

Your Rehab Center Brand

A company’s “brand” comes from two places. Part one is the business reputation in the industry; community and information found online. Part two is corporate advertising and marketing. Any corporate image can be build through advertising but the “brand name”