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The Benefits of National Radio Advertising

At Alternative Solutions, we believe that no one chooses to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that overtakes many of us, here in the United States. However, this condition, whether it is prescription pills, illicit drugs

Radio Advertising Works, Get the Fact!

Full Radio Fact Sheet

National Rehab Center Radio Advertising: How to Get Started

National rehab center radio advertising has been producing positive results across America. Alternative Solutions Media produces a targeted 13-week educational radio program in talk show format. During the show, our focus is not entirely on the number of calls but

Turn Incoming Cold Calls into a New Rehab Center Clients

What could your facility do with 1,500 qualified persons seeking treatment? Talk show radio can generate waves of new rehab center clients for your recovery business. In major American media markets, your company’s brand name can turn cold calls into

13 Weeks of Rehab Center Radio Promotion

At Alternative Solutions Media our experienced media executives can generate, 30 and 60-minute educational rehab center radio programs in a talk show format. Our clients have the option to choose any major American media market, and we engage the top

Indian Bob Joins With Alternative Solutions Radio; Rehab Center Radio

Rehab Center Radio Indian Bob, the host of the Recovery Radio Raw Program, has teamed up with Alternative Solutions Media to help create each of the company’s 13 week, 30 and 60-minute radio programs that promote rehab facilities. Bob is