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Rehab Center Marketing That Saves You Money

At Alternative Solutions Media, our professionals are ready to build a rehab center marketing campaign around your company’s advertising needs. Our addiction treatment customers range in size from less than $5,000 per campaign to over $100,000 a campaign. With decades

The Launch of Alternative Solutions Media’s New Recovery DVD & Video Series

Each year in America more than twenty million people that urgently need help for drug abuse or alcohol addiction are unable to afford proper treatment. According to the 2013 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) National Survey on

Radio Drug Rehab Advertising Can Work For Your Addiction Treatment Facility

If your facility is not operating at a full census, it may be time to evaluate your marketing and build a more efficient drug rehab advertising campaign. Radio has been around since the 1940’s, and while the technology has not

Rehab Center Lead Generation From Radio Advertising

Radio advertising has proven highly effective for rehab centers and addiction treatment facilities. Can radio ads from Alternative Solutions help bring more patients into our rehab center? Yes!  Affordable radio advertising can help deliver: Greater lead volume Higher lead quality

When did we stop caring?

I read an article today on LinkedIn posted by Charles Davis. It is entitled, “Addiction & Behavioral Health Rehab Recovery Treatment Marketing.” If you don’t know Charles, you should, he is a fabulously successful marketing person in the recovery industry.

Turn Incoming Cold Calls into a New Rehab Center Clients

What could your facility do with 1,500 qualified persons seeking treatment? Talk show radio can generate waves of new rehab center clients for your recovery business. In major American media markets, your company’s brand name can turn cold calls into

Building Your Rehab Center Brand

Industry thought leaders are not created within their community through flashy consumer ads every 30 minutes. While consumer ads are often highly effective in most markets, connecting with new recovery clients often requires thought leadership and a strong brand name.

Direct Response TV Advertising. Accountable Marketing

Direct Response TV Advertising

“Trust us, we are experts” is a line we have all heard coming from marketing or advertising companies. However, the business of direct response advertising does not need to be powered by trust. Direct response TV advertising is accountable media.

Rehab Center Marketing and Training of Admissions Department Staff

Rehab Center Marketing

The rehab center marketing toolkit. #1 Pay-Per-Call live leads #2 Training of admissions staff to successfully interact with call-in leads #3 National TV and radio branding campaign Does your rehab facility have empty beds on a regular basis? Your business

TV Advertising for an Addication Recovery Facility

Addication Recovery Facility

Addiction is a well-documented condition that facilities can successfully manage with proper treatment and care. Along with providing top quality addiction treatment, modern therapies, and a secure, healthy environment, an addiction recovery facility, and treatment center should also inspire hope. Through