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Radio Drug Rehab Advertising Can Work For Your Addiction Treatment Facility

If your facility is not operating at a full census, it may be time to evaluate your marketing and build a more efficient drug rehab advertising campaign. Radio has been around since the 1940’s, and while the technology has not

Rehab Center Marketing and Addiction Treatment Lead Generation

Addiction treatment companies and rehab centers in America are very competitive. On top of this aggressive profit-driven marketplace, most rehab centers are also operating on a very tight budget. Throughout this atmosphere, treatment center operators need to remember several important

The Benefits of National Radio Advertising

At Alternative Solutions, we believe that no one chooses to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease that overtakes many of us, here in the United States. However, this condition, whether it is prescription pills, illicit drugs

Rehab Centers: Gaining the Radio Advertising Advantage

Alternative Solutions Media is offering 60-second rehab center national radio advertising. This radio time is rehab center marketing at its finest! Starting next week, 60-second national radio spots will be airing in primary American markets from Monday through Friday during

New One Minute National Radio Advertising Spots for Rehab Centers

Alternative Solutions Media is proud to announce a brand new national radio advertising spot created specifically for rehab center marketing. We now have available 60-second pre-recorded ads for any rehab center nationwide. You have your choice of favorite national city

When did we stop caring?

I read an article today on LinkedIn posted by Charles Davis. It is entitled, “Addiction & Behavioral Health Rehab Recovery Treatment Marketing.” If you don’t know Charles, you should, he is a fabulously successful marketing person in the recovery industry.

Marketing of Substance Abuse Treatment

During national TV advertising for substance abuse treatment facilities, we care about helping all of those people calling in for recovery information. If an individual or their family member reaches out from a national television advertisement, it is our desire

Building Your Rehab Center Brand

Industry thought leaders are not created within their community through flashy consumer ads every 30 minutes. While consumer ads are often highly effective in most markets, connecting with new recovery clients often requires thought leadership and a strong brand name.

Rehab Center Radio Advertising

Radio marketing is an affordable and efficient advertising media. Alternative Solutions Media offers a 13-week radio branding program that delivers your rehab center’s message of recovery to media markets across the United States. Your facility can choose which large or

Rehab Centers Should Call Alternative Solutions Media

Rehab Center Advertising

Do you operate a rehab center with options such as detox services, outpatient or residential services, sober living or long-term recovery from addiction? If so, then you need to give Alternative Solutions a call now and hear how we can