We’re Talking About Saving A Human Life, Not Selling A Refrigerator!

Admissions departments need to show they CARE with COMPASSION and TREAT CALLERS like they are YOUR OWN!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL NOW 561-281-2020

We’re talking about saving a human life, not selling a refrigerator! And for the life of me I can’t understand why this is happening.

Every month I provide thousands of pay-per-calls to facilities across the country. These are calls coming from people responding to my TV or radio ads that want treatment at that very moment. They have made their decision and want to change their lives that instant. You all know the importance of timing. Many of these calls include a 30, 60 or 90 second buffer so that the admissions staff can establish a rapport with the caller begging for help and provide the opportunity to treat them with respect and compassion. But far too often I hear admissions staff quickly dump a call from a person crying out for help.

*Hint; just because they don’t have insurance or are on Medicare doesn’t mean they’re poor. There are other options – home equity line of credit, credit card loan, bank loan, they might have a car they could sell or maybe a sibling or parent they can barrow from. It could be a patchwork of everything I’d just described. But these questions are not being asked. This is someone’s life we’re talking about – help them like you would a loved one! Call 561-281-2020