The Art of the Admission

TV Advertising

Gaining new admissions each month can be a constant struggle for small rehab facilities. An excellent solution to this marketing challenge is pay-per-call leads.

These leads are call-ins from direct response national TV advertising campaigns. The calls are routed directly to the facility’s admissions department desk.

Alternative Solutions Media offers several types of pay-per-call leads. The fist is a raw call, which is a direct connection to a live caller from the 800 numbers on the TV ad. The call arrives, and the admissions desk must determine if the caller qualifies for the rehab program. The closing ratio for a small facility should be around 3-5% of all calls. The next type of pay-per-call lead is the 30-second buffer call. During this call, the admissions person has the first 29 seconds to qualify the call. This delay allows the desk some time to determine if the caller will meet the financial requirements of the institution. If the receiver determines that the caller does not meet the facility’s qualification in the first 30 seconds, they may end the call. If the call is terminated during this time, the facility will not be charged for that lead. Many institutions prefer to receive the 30-second buffer call and attempt to qualify potential new clients before being charged for the lead.

The team at Alternative Solutions Media knows from decades of experience that for continuous successful admissions buying the pay-per-call leads and answering the phone is just half the battle. Training the admissions staff on how to accept and keep a new potential client requires some skill. One might say that this skill is, “The Art of the Admission.”

Only experienced phone operators and salespeople that understand this secretive art. Howard Needle, Alternative Solutions Media’s CEO is one of these skilled executives. Howard has spent decades on the phone closing new clients. His businesses have been in the sales game through good economies and bad. Howard knows how to close the call.

Alternative Solutions Media can train your admissions staff to ‘complete the transaction.’ Howard will visit you facility and spend a day or more training your staff on what to say to the new client and how to close the deal. Then follow up in the following months. We can change how your team communicates with potential new customers, giving your staff the advantage and the skill to convert more incoming call leads into new clients.
Please give Howard a call today, and ask him to share the secrets to the “Art of the Admission.” Call now for recovery admissions.


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