The Benefits Of TV Advertising “Without The Risk”

Alternative Solutions Media assumes all the advertising costs and liability while you reap the benefits!

The fact of the matter is that every addiction treatment facility investing money in adverting expects a result – new admissions – a return on the dollars they invested. The unknown here is what medium will deliver the biggest return on investment; or in this case, the most admissions. Albeit it appears there are a lot of media options to put your money, there are only two major forms of delivery; audio/visual (television, radio, podcasts, online videos and so on) and text (newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, social media, ad words and the likes).

Taking into account that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and videos are processed in the brain 60,000 times faster than text, television appears to be the logical choice. Still not convinced? Perhaps video’s greatest advantage over text is that reading is all about thinking; I call it the logical medium. On the other hand TV and video are better at getting us to feel; or the emotional medium. Considering that all purchases are determined by the buyers’ emotions – including the long protracted planned purchase (more on this in my next email) – TV clearly bests text when it comes to influencing a buyer to make a purchase.

However television advertising does come at a hefty price. Just the production costs of a half way decent commercial starts at $5000.00 and can go into the millions of dollars. An effective schedule in a major TV market starts at $20,000.00 dollars/week and only escalates from there. Plus, you’ll have to run ads for several weeks before you know if it is effective or not. You could easily invest $100,000.00 dollars or more on a dud.

Why put so much money at risk when you can just buy the results of a successful TV campaign at a fraction of the cost? It only makes good business sense. Addicts or their loved ones are responding to my TV ads by calling an 800 number. That call is routed directly to you without interruption. Moreover, these calls are from buyers. They’re not thinking about it and browsing; they’re feeling it in their gut; they’ve already bought in the second they picked-up the phone to call you. They’re buyers who want treatment now.

Why would you consider risking your advertising dollars when Alternative Solutions Media assumes all the TV advertising costs and liability while you reap the benefits for less than it would cost you to produce a TV ad? Call me today and I will give you 50 FREE CALLS with a 500 call campaign .

Call me, Howard Needle, “The Rainmaker,” toll free at 888-838-5743 or email me for more information on this limited time special offer and a free marketing consultation.

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