The Rainmaker Guarantees Results!

This is a first! When was the last time you heard of an advertising company guaranteeing results? Howard Needle, aka “The Rainmaker” and CEO of Alternative Solutions Media, a boutique Advertising Agency specializing in addiction treatment marketing, is doing just that!

You may not be aware of this but pay-per-call marketing is becoming a staple in marketing plans across many industries including the addiction treatment field. Attorneys, accounts, legal claims companies and a whole host of other industries are using pay-per-call marketing because it is so cost-efficient compared to other advertising options.

What makes pay-per-call so special and unique to the addiction treatment field is that the person calling is already sold – they have bought-in to your program and are ready to sign in at your reception desk! We run a variety of ads on TV, Radio and online through the course of a national campaign that resonate with the cross-section of our targeted audience – addicts and their loved ones. They respond by calling my hotline number that is routed directly to my clients’ admissions staff without interruption. I don’t want to sound cold, but the people on the other end of the phone are buyers. They want a change in their live at the very moment your admissions person picks up the call. No hard sell necessary – just warm and compassionate conversation.

Rehab pay-per-call marketing has worked so well for my other clients and I am so confident this program will work for you that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is by providing you with an opportunity that no one else in this genre of the adverting industry has ever attempted. Buy 500 raw 24/7 calls and I’ll give you 50 additional calls FREE OF CHARGE! In addition I will provide 3 – 30 minute training sessions with your admissions staff FREE OF CHARGE! This campaign should result with a minimum of 3% to 5% return. I’m going to go 1 step further and guarantee you’ll get at least 5 VOBs or I’ll give you back 25% of your campaign!

The only way I can make this incredible offer available to you is if I personally train your admissions staff. My experience had been that all too often they’re untrained and unprepared for these calls. I will share with them proven techniques that will increase your admissions.

I’m going to train your staff on how to handle the incoming calls with the proper attitude – empathy and compassion. I will teach them how to kindheartedly qualify the caller to make sure they’re a good fit for your facility. I’ll provide your staff with a customized list of proven questions they need to ask and show them how to ask them – including the difficult ones that lead to admissions that many staffers avoid. There is also a plan I’ll share with your staff on staying in communication with clients and detailing specifics like travel, nutritional needs, medications and so on that will keep everything on track. In addition I’ll continue to motivate and train your staff everyday with morning meetings via Skype or conference call.

This is a special limited time introductory offer for all treatment facilities new to the Alternative Solutions Media’s family. Please call or email for details.

Call me, Howard Needle, “The Rainmaker,” toll free at 888-838-5743 or email me for more information on this limited time special offer and a free marketing consultation.

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