The Wonderful World of Addiction Treatment

When I was a very young child, my top career choices were Fireman, Policeman, and Doctor. I wanted to help people. My young mind continuously flashed scenes of grown-up me running into a burning building and saving family members from the inferno.

As an adult, I recognize that “help” comes in different shapes and forms. Through Alternative Solutions Media, we use national radio and TV advertising to reach out and connect with individuals seeking help for alcohol and substance abuse problems.

With decades of marketing and sales experience, I could be selling commercial real estate, software, stocks, bonds, or any other merchandise and services that would produce a million dollar annual income. I have chosen the wonder world of addiction treatment as my career path and my method of serving others.

This adult career does allow me to avoid fire, smoke and whizzing bullets. However, my choice to help those suffering from addiction evolved from my experiences in life. I have empathy for those with addiction problems because I was once in their situation. With treatment and support, I have conquered those issues. I now feel empowered to help lead others towards recovery and a more normal life.

There is a childhood friend of mine, who also dreamed of growing up and living his dream life. We lost touch with each other for many years. Recently, he contacted me again and moved from the Northeast to Florida with hopes of starting over or at least restarting his sober life in the sunshine state.

His move to South Florida turned out to be a decidedly bad one. Drugs and alcohol again took over his life. He sold everything he ever owned and now homeless, carries his possessions in a black trash bag on his back. Late last week, I finally convinced him to enter treatment. After receiving his “Yes”, I picked up the phone and dialed every state-run facility in the book. There were no beds available, and he could not be admitted into treatment.

It is heartbreaking to see anyone, particularly a friend from childhood wanting to get better, but having no treatment options. Unfortunately, this same situation occurs millions of times each year in our country.

Many of our friends and family have:

(1) Experienced serious issues with drugs and alcohol
(2) Received treatment, counseling, and education
(3) Recovered and now enjoy healthy purposeful lives

Recovery can work. Addiction is a disease, and there are many tools readily available which can help individuals and families better understand addiction as an illness. We can provide educational information on how to get better and guidance on the steps towards recovery.

I believe that we should make these this information available and accessible to all of those persons seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. That short window of opportunity when an individual or family member chooses to seek help is often slight window. Many of the suffering can’t wait two months for an empty bed or open spot in treatment. Those people need help today.

At Alternative Solutions Media, our team has been busy creating our solution for this national problem. We believe that it is possible to offer immediate guidance on treating addiction in a person’s home. We are producing a 10-hour educational video series containing proven techniques and advice from well-known experts in the treatment of addiction.

Howard Needle

Howard Needle

The first volume in the series is entitled the Starter Kit to Recovery at Home, and it will be available to the public in January 2016.

By providing hands-on guidance and treatment solutions, including current procedures and techniques used in treatment facilities, we hope to create access for millions of individuals and families that are otherwise unable to receive treatment for addiction.

The Starter Kit to Recovery at Home delivers an opportunity for anyone to begin the process of recovery in their home.

While I don’t get a detective’s badge or a cool red firefighter’s helmet to wear in the office each day, the wonderful world of addiction treatment continues to be my rewarding career. With the release of my new video series, I believe we will be helping many families across America.

For those working in our industry, you should understand that this feeling is its own rich reward.

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