TV Advertising for an Addication Recovery Facility

Addication Recovery Facility

Addiction is a well-documented condition that facilities can successfully manage with proper treatment and care. Along with providing top quality addiction treatment, modern therapies, and a secure, healthy environment, an addiction recovery facility, and treatment center should also inspire hope.

Through healthy choices and supportive relationships, a recovery facility needs also to build patient confidence and hope for a better future.

Marketing and advertising for an addiction recovery facility should also inspire confidence. Attracting potential patients to a treatment center requires a persuasive marketing campaign that delivers a message of hope to those seeking treatment. Hope and the belief in a more positive future can be a great motivator for anyone trying to shift their life away from the pain caused by addiction.

It is this feeling of hope and positive reinforcement, that should also be conveyed by a facility’s marketing.

Here are two examples of two very different marketing strategies.

Addiction Recovery FacilityAt age 17, Samatha was homeless and addicted to heroin. After attending our facility, she is happy, healthy and reunited with her family. Readers viewing this ad will have a feeling of hope. A reader may glean from this ad that affirmative action and recovery may improve their life, just like Samatha’s.





Addiction Recovery FacilityAt age 55, Phil was divorced, homeless and addicted to heroin. Don’t let this happen to you. Visit our facility today. This marketing has shock value but leaves the reader with a feeling of despair, and tries to scare the potential patient into the treatment facility.

What does the marketing program for your Addiction Recovery Facility say to the world?

Advertising and branding of an addiction recovery business are critical factors in building confidence for a recovery program and attracting new customers. Alternative Solutions Media can assist your facility in producing this helpful and hopeful brand. Learn more today by calling




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