TV Advertising – More Bang for Your Buck

TV advertising

National TV advertising continues to be a practical choice for rehab facilities. Alternative Solutions Media offers pay-per-call TV advertising that can generate quality call-in leads for rehab facilities seven days a week. Each new campaign may increase a facility’s census and help build a solid chain of incoming callers directly to the admissions department.

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Getting a powerful call-to-action TV advertisement in front of engaged audiences offers our rehab clients more bang for their advertising buck. The past four years, Alternative Solutions Media has been building an arsenal of effective ads and techniques that help our rehab facility clients realize new business and often create a steady flow of incoming patients.

Alternative Solutions sells fixed cost pay-per-call leads. These campaigns are some of the most cost efficient and inexpensively priced TV call-in leads available on the market. Calls go directly to the admissions department any time of the day including weekends.
Lead generation for addiction treatment facilities is more than just a job for us; Alternative Solutions Media has a passion for bringing clients’ messages into the homes of those seeking help.

During the year, rehab campaigns through our company can deliver a strong ROI and more “bang for the buck.” Because of the fixed price cost schedule, rehab ad campaigns can be raw calls, 30-second buffer calls, or even 60-second buffer calls. The facility’s cost is directly related to the how many calls are accepted.

Preview one of our advertisements and give us a call to find out how soon your company can get started (just 3-5 days).


TV advertising from Alternative Solutions Media can deliver quality predictable marketing campaigns that will create awareness of your facility and grow your business.

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