TV Advertising Remains the Leader

TV Advertising

Media experts reported in 2014 that Internet advertising and online digital ads have been shown to produce some splendid results. However, digital content can’t deliver the reach that television can offer. TV advertising is just good business, and national pay-per-call advertising is an extremely effective method of generating new recovery facility customer leads.

Through the last five years, TV advertising has remained the selling leader and has shown to be a highly efficient means of marketing rehab facilities. While print ads are in decline, the effectiveness of TV advertising has remained steady over the past half decade outperforming both digital and offline media channels in generating new accounts and sales.

Treatment facility operators understand that buying a pay-per-call leads can be an almost instant method of gaining new customers. Persons responding to a TV ad are receptive and call in after viewing the 30 or 60 second commercial. These potential customers are seeking immediate recovery solutions for themselves and their family members.

Alternative Solutions Media can help your rehab facility by increasing the number and quality of your incoming call leads. The proven 30 and 60-second buffer calls allow facility admissions departments to qualify the caller for a range of information before being charged for the incoming lead.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. This 60-second buffer call gives admission staff the first minute of each call to determine the client’s financial eligibility. This information is critical for moving the new client along in their rehab and recovery treatment. Quickly resolving these economic issues is helpful for the facility and the potential customer, as financial stress is not conducive to recovery. Significant insurance variations in coverage, such as residential or outpatient treatment services, may be discussed within this first 60 seconds. It’s important for the caller to gain the knowledge needed to move forward in their recovery and that one minute buffer can allow for that qualification. The buffer call grants the facility time to either accept and pay for the lead or terminate the call and not be charged.

All of the TV advertising programs available through Alternative Solutions are trackable. Calls arrive directly to the recovery facility admissions department and can be monitored for accuracy and success.

TV Advertising

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