I’ll Trust TV and Radio Ads over Pay-Per-Click Online Bot Fraud Any Day

Every hour, malicious “Botnet” controllers around the world engage in massive ad fraud campaigns by hijacking everyday consumers’ identities and home computers. According to the Association of National Advertisers, online advertisers are throwing their money away. The ANA says, “Advertisers will lose $6.3 billion globally to bots in 2015.” (1)

Those expensive pay-per-click ads your rehab center is buying each week could be bot programs and not prospective new recovery clients.  Take a look at the findings from an ANA report in late 2014.

  • Almost a quarter (23 percent) of video ad impressions were identified as bot fraud
  • Eleven percent of display ad impressions were classified as bot fraud
  • Publishers who bought sourced traffic from a third party, as a means to drive additional unique visitors to their site, had a bot fraud rate of 52 percent on that sourced traffic
  • Programmatic display bot traffic averaged 17 percent bot fraud
  • Bot fraud for retargeted ads was 19 percent

Reliable Television Advertising

According to research by Nielsen, TV is the highest ranked paid advertising across all age groups except for ages 15-20 and 65+. Television ads work, and TV has been a preferred method for advertisers to reach consumers since the 1950s. As evidenced by a Turner Broadcasting and Horizon Media study of major advertisers from 2009 to 2014, television is still the most effective advertising medium in America.

Alternative Solutions Media has 26-week TV advertising campaigns for any size rehab center budget. These same TV ads can help brand your facility while also bringing in new admissions. Each campaign receives between 3,000 and 5,000 TV 30-second spots over the 26-weeks depending on the chosen city.

Television advertising delivers excellent saturation in regions across the United States. Can you imagine the number of potential clients calling your facility from a 30-second television ad airing more than 4,500 times over 26 weeks? This exceptionally priced package runs in the Northeast market and other major American regions. Call Howard Needle at Alternative Solutions Media for the details. 855-509-0811

(1)  http://www.ana.net/content/show/id/botfraud

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