TV Branding Brings Tons Of Clients To Treatment Centers

Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media

by Howard Needle

In light of the recent advertising restrictions imposed by Google, State of Florida and others, astute addiction treatment facility owners are rediscovering the power of branding their center through TV ads.

Addiction does not discriminate – it knows no boundaries. So why should you? Experienced advertising executives know that if the success or failure of your business is based on bringing in new clientele each and every month you need to effectively reach the largest targeted audience your budget will allow. It is no secret that a well crafted TV ad exposed to a well defined targeted audience will cost-effectively bring new clients through your doors.

Alternative Solutions Media, a boutique addiction treatment ad agency serving the treatment community for over eight years, has taken it a step further. We have developed a unique proprietary program that harnesses both the branding and direct response powers of TV advertising and combines it with a precise pin-point targeting system that reaches above average household income homes.

The real driver of this program is our media planner’s ability to identify the major insurance providers in a particular market area and, through a complex process of cross referencing, determine reimbursement rates. That means we can expose your TV ad to viewers who have policies with insurance providers that have the best reimbursement rates! This highly successful program often results in thousands of TV ads running in highly viewed shows shown on cable and network TV. The possibilities are endless.

This is not a piggy-back campaign where you share responses from a generic TV ad with other facilities. Your centers name is on this proven effective TV commercial that can be used over and over again in major cities across the country. There is no middle man or software directing calls – all the calls go directly to you.

Make a name for yourself while you bring in new clientele. One of the many unique features of this program is that it gives you the distinct opportunity to get immediate direct results from your TV ads while growing your top of mind awareness and name recognition in highly desirable markets.

Don’t hesitate one second longer. Pick up the phone right now and call the “Rainmaker,” Howard Needle, 561-281-2020 or email him at

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