TV Branding Campaigns Convert 10% or Better?

Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media

by Howard Needle

It just seems to me that all too often treatment center owners invest their capital disproportionately in their facility and program at the expense of their marketing. They have the best qualified staff, a beautiful facility complemented by an abundance of amenities and a whole lot of empty beds. I often ask the owners what good is all of this if you don’t have people wanting and needing their life-saving treatment on campus?

The simple reality is that, by enlarge, most treatment center owners have little to no marketing experience – but they are quick learners. They’re starting to understand the power of a brand and how they can fill their empty beds through the persuasive capabilities of TV branding.

Think about it for a moment. When was the last time you walked into a store and purchased a product you were not familiar with? Most people don’t – they buy what they’ve been exposed to on TV. Why? Because after seeing a commercial five, six, seven times or more they become informed of the product, its inherent value and start to trust that it is what the advertiser says it is.

Advertising experts call this frequency – or the average number of times an average viewer will see your commercial. Any seasoned media buyer worth their salt will tell you it takes someone seeing your TV commercial up to 7 times before they’ll take action.

Repetition is what builds a brand – or gains a foothold in the minds of your potential clients. Too few commercial impressions and your message won’t break through while too many can run the risk of annoying your target audience.

Fortunately for treatment centers, Alternative Solutions Media, a boutique addiction treatment ad agency serving the treatment community for over eight years, has taken the guess work out of TV Branding by developing a unique proprietary program that has been delivering results for treatment centers across the country. One of the many unique features this program has is the ability to deliver ‘qualitative’ prospects directly to facility’s doors.

As an illustration, our clients’ campaigns generally run a minimum of 1000 TV commercials in premium shows aired across ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, Discovery Channel, History Channel and a host of other top viewed channels in major cities nationwide. That is certainly a lot of TV commercials that are reaching a lot of people. But what is far more important is the quality of the audience actually seeing your TV commercials. Our professional and experienced media planners and buyers have created a complex matrix that gives them the distinct ability to target your TV ads to higher income individuals who are far more likely to have private insurance that covers inpatient addiction treatment.

1000 addiction treatment TV commercials are probably not going to deliver 1000 phone calls. But what it has delivered to treatment centers is a respectable number of people with comprehensive insurance who want and need your life-saving treatment. My clients asked not to be identified or quoted; but what I can share with you is that I’ve been told this is a very cost-effective program with conversion rates at 10% or better!

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