What Savvy Marketers Have Known For A Long Time

Savvy marketers have known for a long time that you don’t put all your advertising eggs into one basket if you’re your business is based on reaching new clientele.

Before the digital age you had to pick-up the phone book and thumb through the massive yellow pages to find a merchant, product or service. “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking” was the slogan used by the Yellow Pages to encourage shoppers to browse and call merchants listed. And call they did; busy customers learned to shop by phone. It was a new paradigm that required businesses to hire and train staff in effectively answering customers’ questions while enticing them to walk into one of their locations.

In its day, the Yellow Pages were the go to directory that every merchant needed to be in. Ads were expensive and aggressive annual rate increases were the norm. The big advertisers who could afford multiple splashy full page ads did far better than the smaller advertisers with one 1/8 page ad. What both large and small advertisers had in common was they didn’t depend on the Yellow Pages as their only source of new customers.

Savvy marketers have known for a long time that different advertising mediums reach different audiences.

Fast forward to today. The mediums may have changed, but the core marketing principles remain in tacked. The internet means something different to each of us. For this conversation I want to focus on how it became the digital version of the Yellow Pages. It has become the go to directory for a vast audience; and like the Yellow Pages, a large portion of its audience are shopping. They’re gathering information so that they can make an educated decision exactly like shoppers did during the hay day of the Yellow Pages. These are planned purchasers and what you can expect from a pay-per-click campaign. Expect a lot of your click thrus to be ‘tire kickers.’

Conversely, radio and TV delivers impulse buyers far more efficiently. Our media buyers constantly review the latest qualitative and quantitative media research to identify what TV and Radio shows our target audience views and listens to. We then run our ads in those shows over and over again so that it sinks in with our target audience. When they’re ready to get off drugs, they’re going to respond to our ad, pick-up the phone and dial our 800 number long before they ever go online. They’re not concerned with the facts and figures found online; they just want help right now. These folks are ‘in market’ before they even pick-up their phone and needs to talk to someone immediately. This is the type of clientele you can expect from a pay-per-call campaign. They’re buyers not at all like the planners and shoppers you find online.

The famous merchant marketing pioneer, John Wanamaker once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” To that end, let’s take a look at the cost-efficiency of pay-per-call vs. pay per-click. We know with pay-per-call you only pay for the live “callers” you receive. With pay per click you’re paying for the “visitors” to your site. Not exactly an apples to apples comparison, in fact it is more like apples to oranges. What would you rather have, live callers or website visitors?!

So now that we’ve established pay-per-call delivers “callers” vs. pay per-click’s “visitors” let’s drill a little deeper and look at the costs. I just recently did a Google Adword review for this article. I looked for relevant and popular terms and phrases that people would use to find addiction treatment and the cost to buy these words. Below are the highlights.

drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers $302.46

rehabilitation center $58.45

drug rehab $77.74

drug rehab centers $68.67

alcohol rehab $93.85

substance abuse treatment $68.01

drug treatment centers $73.72

rehab facilities $53.54

addiction treatment centers $64.70

inpatient drug rehab $98.61

alcohol rehab centers $75.49

drug and alcohol rehab $96.37

drug treatment $52.35

drug and alcohol treatment centers $89.07

drug rehab treatment $239.54

Please keep in mind that my query returned over 700 results and what you’re looking at is random highlights. However, what I discovered is that vast majority of the relevant key words and phrases costs $50.00 or more per click and the prime ones costing in the hundreds of dollars. That is per click! For less than $50.00 I can deliver to you a live phone call from an addict or his loved one looking to sign into your facility today! Moreover, a resent side by side study performed by Invoca, a Digital Marketing Intelligence Firm, revealed conversion of pay-per-calls substantially out performed pay-per-click marketing. What this means is that pay-per-calls are far more cost-efficient than pay-per-clicks.

And just like the hay day of the Yellow Pages, pay-per-click jambs you in elbow to elbow with your competition. The medium displays addiction treatment to “shoppers” like it’s a commodity. There is no separation whatsoever, just a laundry list of treatment centers. Shoppers are encouraged to shop for the best service; yet they make their decision too often based on who has the most appealing website and not the best treatment.

The contrast between pay-per-call and pay per-click could not be more stark. The Alternative Solutions Media pay-per-calls you purchase are exclusive. This means that the calls are yours and yours alone. They go directly to your admissions department uninterrupted. Your competition is completely blocked out. I’ll ask again; what would you rather have, live callers or website visitors?!

From our own impromptu in-house survey, we have found that facilities with a proficient admissions staff convert anywhere between 2% and 5% out of every one-hundred calls to admissions. Conversion rates will vary across admissions staff competencies. However, if you call me today –

I will guarantee you’ll get at least 1 VOB per one hundred calls or I’ll give you back 25% of your campaign! This is the very best opportunity you’ll ever have to try rehab pay-per-calls!

No one is suggesting that you drop your pay-per-click program and jump on the pay-per-call bandwagon. However what I am suggesting is that you take the marketing lessons from the past and apply the tried and true proven principles to today’s marketplace by adding a pay-per-call campaign to your media mix to reach a whole new audience. It’s the sensible thing to do!

Call me, Howard Needle, “The Rainmaker,” toll free at 888-838-5743 or email me Howard@AlternativeSolutionsMedia.com for more information on this limited time special offer and a free marketing consultation.

On all of the U.S. paper currency you’ll find a picture of one of our most treasured founding fathers. They were chosen for their deeds that were guided by their heart. Isn’t about time we take our founding fathers’ lead and do what we feel in our heart is right rather than just collecting pieces of paper with their pictures on them?

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